API Questions

I would appreciate help regarding 2 API calls I want to make:

  1. Retrieving items within a certain date range to a certain board,
    For example, I want all the items from 01.12.23 to 31.12.23, how do I write it?

“query”: “{ boards (ids: XXXXXXXXXX)
{ items_page (limit: 100) { cursor items { id name } } } }”

  1. Is it possible to retrieve all the items in a certain date range independently of the board?
    That is, I want to receive all the items from 01.12.23 to 31.12.23 for all the boards in my account.

hi @shay.butran

To get all items within a certain date rang you can use something like:

query {
  boards (ids:4048117859) {
    items_page (query_params: {rules: {column_id: "date4", compare_value: ["2023-12-01", "2023-12-31"], operator:between}}) {
      items {
        column_values {

I don’t see how you can retrieve all items in date range across different boards, however you can specify multiple board IDs as long as they all have the same columnId for the date column you want to search in.

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