It occured to me today that if all of the App/Developer documentation was in a Wiki that it might be easier to keep it up to date. As it is, when there are differences in what is documented and the way things are actually working (for whatever reason) every developer has to figure things out on their own. Then there may or may not be a post in the community that most will probably not see…

You all get it… it’s the main point of a wiki. One source of truth that we can, as a group, help keep up to date and accurate. And basically monday would get the smartest employee on the planet helping them make monday better … for free.

Just a thought.



Hey Jim, sorry for the late reply here! This is a very cool idea. Do you mean a single source of truth that anyone can push updates to? I love it.

I’ll take it to our team to see if (and how) we could implement something like this.


Yes, that’s the basic idea… I’m not as convinced that editing should be open to EVERYONE. Maybe just being a customer, partner or community group member would be the right limitation.

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