API selection cannot read from new duplicated board

Hi all,

I used the below script to read from a specific board and worked great.
Recently the admin user for good reasons, duplicated the board and used the existing for other purposes. The new duplicated board has been made as the new Board Default.

query { boards (ids: 123456789) { name id items (limit: 300, page: 1) { name column_values{id type text }} }}

Now, the script retrieves data from old board. How can I change the script to read from teh new specific view?

Thank you in advance

Hello there @webwizny,

I am not sure I follow. You had board A. Someone created a duplicate that we will call board B.

You had a query getting data from board A. The script retrieves data from board A and you want to retrieve data from board B. Correct?

If that is correct, you just need to change the board ID where it says boards (ids:123456789) for the ID of board B.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


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Hi Matias,

Thank you for your reply and assistance.

You understood correctly.

The issue is that Board B has the same Board ID with Board A, just different view number which is why I am still reading board A data. Basically, the user duplicated tab on the same board (sorry - didnt clarify earlier)

Hope this makes more sense.

Thank you

Hello again @webwizny,

I think I understand now.

You don’t have a different board. You just have a different view of the same board.

If so, the data is the same one in both, the only difference is that one of the views will show some information and hide some information, and the second view will show different information. But in the backend, the board data is the same.

So using the API, you will get the same information from both views because the API works with our database and the data from the board is the same in both views.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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