API Support for Lag and Dependency Type or ability to opt out of new feature

The new Dependency Column Update is great it allows for Strict and flexible dependencies, you can also set the dependency type (start to finish etc) The big problem though is this is not supported in the API yet and its causing alot of issues for my clients who have invested in custom integrations that create subitem tasks from a template with dependency’s since they would have to manually go in and set the type, lag etc. IF they dont dependency’s date work at all! You cant use flexible or strict because if the lag and dependency type is not set then you cant push dates forward or backwards without getting an error. It seems like with the new update if you dont set the dependency type and lag then its unusable and we dont even have the original functionaility that we had before the update. Look its great if you are manually setting up your tasks and selecting dependency options through the UI but if you create your items or subitems through the API and set the dependency then its useless


flagging you here because to me this sounds less like a feature request and more like a bug created by the new dependency features not automatically applying a “default” that mimics the old behaviors if set by API which currently lacks support for the new features at this time.

Hello there,

We have an open request about this and I have shared this with the team adding your votes for the request as well :grin: