API to configure integrations

We need to configure a large amount of integrations.
Example. Configure GitHub sync for a large amount of repositories.

Is this exposed in Monday API, so we can write a script that configures everything via API?

I cannot find anything similar to this in the GraphQL schema… but I assume that somehow this configuration is reaching apps that are integrated… so it should be possible to read it somehow.

hi @jleni

Welcome to the community. Unfortunately there is no method of configuring / adding / deleting / starting / stopping integrations through the API. I believe there is already a feature request on this one and if not it it certainly one that I would vote for.

This is very disappointing…
I find the existing API very limiting… it does not really cover a lot of situations

I wonder if using the SDK or creating an app makes any difference and provides a bit more control

I am not using the SDK as that is (as I understand) more for (dash)board and item views and not for integrations.