API V1: Cannot pull "name" column value

(I’m using the V1 API “Intuitive Management Tool” for testing)

I’m receiving conflicting information from the V1 API regarding the “name” column for boards.

Using /v1/boards/{board_id}/pulse.json, I can confirm the value in the “name” column is correct.

When I use /v1/boards/{board_id}/columns/{column_id}/value.json to specifically name the board_id, column_id (“name”) and pulse_id, I receive a response claiming the value is “NULL”

Why are these inconsistent with each other?

Hey @tristanvigar – great question. Our REST API’s {column_id}/value.json endpoint doesn’t treat the item name as a normal column, which is why you get a null response.

What are you looking to do with the API? Happy to help you figure out the best way to accomplish that! :raised_hand:

Hey @dipro-monday.com

What is the preferred way to get a name of an entry if I needed to export it to another location? Is this just an issue affecting the v1 REST API or would I see a similar result with the GraphQL API?

Hey Tristan, it’s an issue only with the v1. However, it’s not the only way to get an item’s name with the REST API. You can also use the pulses/{id}.json endpoint to get the item’s name (as well as other metadata).

If you used GraphQL, you’d be able to get the name of an item similarly to other column values (as well as using the top-level “name” attribute of an item).