API V2 Error Formatting Update Multiple columns


I’ve been sending queries from a VBA macro in Excel, as I need to ensure my board is in sync with an excel file I get each week. I can’t figure out how to create a query with change_multiple_column_values. This is what I’m sending to the API and just get a 400 error.

{“query”:“mutation { change_multiple_column_values ( board_id: XXXXXXXX, item_id: XXXXXXXX, column_values: “{“oppty_owner_name”: “TEST NEW”}” ) { id }}}”

Few questions:

  1. Do I have to have the “query”: or, can I just start with mutation?
  2. Can anybody tell me what’s wrong with the query?


Hey @PegaChris - welcome to the community!

I’m not personally familiar with VBA macros in Excel - however I can shed some light on the error that might just help with both of your questions.

A 400 error from the API usually signifies a bad requests - something like “No query string was present” . This makes me believe it might not be necessary to include the query portion, or it might be bet to remove the quotation marks.


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