Api v2 Feature Requests With Integromat

Here is a response while working with integromat. Support at Monday ask me to post this here.

Alex Chekalov (Integromat)

Aug 20, 20:51 CEST

Hey Adam

Here is a response from the developers:

1) dropdown and labels. I have removed the changed_at column. To be sure."mutation { create_item (board_id: 283709503, , group_id: “www48”, item_name: “WWWWZZsdsdsada”, column_values: “{ “status”: {“index”:1}, “tags”: {“tag_ids”:[66267,62086]}, “dropdown”: {“ids”:[1,2]} }”) { id } }"ID dropdown
Value {“ids”:[1,2]}

Additional info {“label”:null} Everything works. No labels are returned. So my tip is that this must be changed on Monday’s side. I guess I can do nothing for this. As workaround, the customer can use the module Get item’s column value with checked the parameter Map labels where I have implemented mapping labels even for the dropdown column.

Parsed valueCollection
1 1
2 2

1 ddd
2 eee

2) It would be nice to inform Monday and ask them if it is possible to set changed_at value immediately when creating an item (even from an API) because then I am able to provide a useful module to Watch all items based on this changed_at value. Otherwise NOT. I had to switch this module off because of the Tag’s issue where I was forced to remove setting this changed_at value from our side.

Please let me know if you’ll have additional questions about it.
Thank you for understanding!

Kind regards,

Alex Chekalov
Tech Support Specialist


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Hey Adam,

Looks like there are two feature requests here – can you tell me if I’m interpreting the email correctly?

  1. Send the label in the “additional_info” field when using a dropdown column
  2. Add “changed_at” metadata so you can track when an item was created

Is that correct?


Sort of. It’s just how the api is being read. When pulling the info from a dropdown using the code above you can see the label is returned as Null. Meaning it’s not getting all the info even though it’s the correct phrasing. The 2 part of it is to help make everything else work together.