API v2 - Querying and Mutating File Column

I am exploring the possibility of using monday.com as one part of a solution.

One thing we are very interested in understanding is if/how we can programmatically retrieve (query) and add (mutate) files to pulses?

I have successfully used the v2 API to see an array of files (an array of URLs) from a File Column, but I couldn’t find any documentation on how to successfully download a file programmatically using one of these URLs. How should I authenticate (API token, a cookie, or some other means?) to extract file(s) from monday.com using one of those links?

I have had less success mutating a File Column via the API. Is it possible to add a new attachment to a pulse via the API?

Hey @wesleyg,
The file column is not supported yet in API v2 (but it is on our roadmap), so unfortunately it’s currently not possible to download or upload files with the API.