API v2 - Querying and Mutating File Column

I am exploring the possibility of using monday.com as one part of a solution.

One thing we are very interested in understanding is if/how we can programmatically retrieve (query) and add (mutate) files to pulses?

I have successfully used the v2 API to see an array of files (an array of URLs) from a File Column, but I couldn’t find any documentation on how to successfully download a file programmatically using one of these URLs. How should I authenticate (API token, a cookie, or some other means?) to extract file(s) from monday.com using one of those links?

I have had less success mutating a File Column via the API. Is it possible to add a new attachment to a pulse via the API?


Hey @wesleyg,
The file column is not supported yet in API v2 (but it is on our roadmap), so unfortunately it’s currently not possible to download or upload files with the API.

Hi, @Ayelet!
Also waiting for files API, as we would like to make some operations for incoming files as autorename and compare.
Can API2 attach files to updates?

Hey @Imann,
Attaching files to updates is not supported at the moment.
We will probably be adding it as well when we will add file column support.

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Thanks @Ayelet.

Can you share any additional details on where it falls within your road map? If the road map is publicly available, can you point me to it?

I’m asking because we are deciding whether monday.com will meet our needs for a project. The ability to fetch attachments via API (coupled with a webhook, which I know is in open beta) is a key feature for us and we would need it “relatively” soon.

The ability to upload attachments via API is not as important, but it would be a viable workaround to provide a solution to Email integration discards attachments? . For example, it would allow us to use AWS SES + AWS Lambda to receive and process email and then use the monday.com API to create a pulse and upload attachments.

Thanks again.

Any update on this?

Even if we were able to get an authentication token/login then we could leverage some other current features of Monday.com to pull the attachment (i.e. email notification/subscription on change, get the URL, have an authentication token to access the url/download, and then download the attachment “manually”)

The files functionality is still not available and it will not be available at least until Q4.
Very sorry that I don’t have anything else to share about this matter.

Hi @Ayelet,
Are you also considering upload files to the file column using the API. That would be wonderful as I often needs to create rows and upload files based on a zip file.

Hi @basdebruin,
Yes- we are planing to add the upload files to the file column with the API!

Hello @Ayelet I’m really interested int the upcoming functionality ! If there’s any need to test a preview of the solution, count me in

At the moment my workaround is to upload attachments to S3 and provide via updates links to download them. Either the FileColumn or attaching files to updates would be great for me.

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I just want to add my vote to this as well. I am trying to automatically create Support Tickets in Monday.com from emails into our support account.

But I need to copy up any attachments from the email to the item (and add a note with the original email text).

Currently I am going to have to copy the files to some external storages (like Azure Storage Containers) and then link to the files. Less than ideal.

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