API V2: search items by tags

Hello there.

I am trying to search item by tag.
This is one of my item.
“id”: “157492935”,
“name”: “Vivek Wadhwa - Future of Healthcare: When We Become the Data and the Doctors Are the Software”,
“column_values”: [
“id”: “tags”,
“value”: “{“tag_ids”:[880193,880196,880201,880206]}”

How can I try to get this item by searching on tag?
I am trying
query {
items_by_column_values (column_id: “tags”, column_value: “[880206]”, board_id: 135008669) {
column_values {

But it does not work.

Thanks for your time in advance!


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Hi, i have the same problem.
This is my Item

“id”: “281152914”,
“board”: {
“id”: “157835164”
“name”: “XXXXX XXXXXXXX SOLUTIONS S.R.L. 310983 (copy)”,
“column_values”: [

“id”: “tags7”,
“text”: “310983”,
“title”: “Links”,
“value”: “{“tag_ids”:[886260]}”,
“additional_info”: null


but if i do this search

query {
items_by_column_values (
board_id: 157835164,
column_id: “tags7”,
column_value: “310983”
state: all

the result is empty. I’ve tried even changing column_value to “886260”, “[886260]”, “#310983” but the result is always empty.

If i search on other type of columns it works

I’m doing something wrong?
Andy, did you find a solution?

Thanks in advance


Hey Andrea.

Not actually. I was not able to solve the issue. I don’t think there’s a capability of searching by complex objects like tags(tag_ids: [xxx, yyy]) and status(id: 0}.

Note that if the board is different the tag id might be different though the tag text might be same.

Go through https://monday.com/developers/v2#column-values-section. Will help you a lot.

I finally ended up to get all items in the board and searching by tag text rather than its id.
And setup webhook to make things easier.

I appreciate Monday.com could add more details on this

Hi Andy,

thank you for your response.

I understand why it could be complex to search by tag ids especially because as you said there could be more tags with same name and different id.

But in my example i was searching by text of the colum_value of my item. Infact in my example “310983” is the text of the column value and the name of the tag and not the id of the tag (that is 886260). I see that every column_value of an item has both a value property and a text property and it’s possible to search on other complex fields (for example field of type color) by the text value.
But for tags it doesn’t work.

Furthermore tags has been created by Monday to make easier search in all boards (From Help: “Using the Tags column will help you to group items from different groups or different boards throughout your account by a consistent keyword!”)

So i think it should exists another method “Items By Tags” that should perform a query on all boards (or on some boards selected by ids argument) by tag name.

During my experience i saw that Monday is very dynamic and i hope a day it could exist :crossed_fingers:

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Hey @andecogg and @andy!

Thanks for posting on the commnunity. We love seeing users helping one another like this! :raised_hands:

You both hit the nail on the head – at the moment items_by_column_values does not support searching by tag ID. However, we’ve opened it as a request to our development team, so do look out for an improvement here :slight_smile:


Bump. Can we please also request this?

I’d also like to know whether this is likely to be implemented any time soon.

Ideally, it would be great to see the API able to search items with specific tags, list all tags in an account, add tags, rename tags, delete tags.

Are any of these functions likely to be included in the API any time soon?