app email to be triggered by the change of status


Is it possible to trigger email to be sent via app email with the attachment by the change of status or a item creation?

At the moment app email can be used only manually. We do not want to use integration function to set Gmail automations because:

  1. cannot add attachment (if I add attachment via Monday Board, the recipient who does not use Monday Board cannot access it)
  2. the email is not recorded in the app email and therefore cannot be traced properly and managed only via app email
  3. if the password is changed to the email address, the integration stops working and can be reset only when the integration fails to send the email.

That is why it would be great to have a function that lets status trigger the app email to send the email.

Hi @kinga,
You can create email templates easily with the EasyMails app. Just drag and drop to design them the way you want, matching your brand. It also lets you add attachments directly from the item column. The app works with Gmail and Outlook, allowing you to send emails from your account.