App Feedback Link button not displayed after minor version update


I updated the Data Clean view app with a feedback link and a know more link.

I did this in a minor version and made it live.

However the view is not updated, on multiple accounts, after a vigorous* cache refresh.

Any idea why?


vigorous: * I pressed very strongly on my keyboard keys.

Hi @LaurentConroux!

The feedback link should be showing up between the fullscreen and settings icons for your view apps like so:

Is it not showing up for you? Let me know!

Hey @Helen,

That’s right I am seeing the Buttons without texts :
Capture d’écran du 2021-07-19 10-14-40
but no Feedback button.


Hi @LaurentConroux!

Hmm strange. No worries, I’m going to ask our team and get back to you.

Hi @LaurentConroux!

Is this still not working for you? What happens if you try in a different browser or in a private window?

I think it may just take a second for the feature to load but you should be seeing it now.

@Helen sorry private mode does not change anything on latest Chrome or Firefox.

Hi @LaurentConroux,

I pinged one of our devs asking for more information, and he was able to spot a small issue. He’s working on the fix now.

The update will be released sometime tomorrow. Please do let us know by early next week if you still are having issues with this.


@Helen it works fine now.

Thanks again, it’s a great feature :+1:

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