App Icon does not update

Hi there! :wave:
Yesterday I tried to change the App Icon in the builder. The upload works well. I got the message “Photo updated successfully”. But nothing happens on screen. I tried to empty the cache, same.
And the strangest thing is that, on an other browser, I have different apps icon, but once it printed one, you can’t change it anymore.
I tried on a different computer: same.
Do you have an idea?

Hi Jerome,

When I upload a new app log, I need to add and then delete a space in the name or description line, in order to activate the update button at the page bottom.

Does it work for you?

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Thanks for the tip @LaurentConroux! But it doesn’t update the icon app…

Arf, sorry then.
I tried it before answering and it worked for me on an existing App with View and Widget feature.
On Firefox 79.0 ubuntu, did not try it on Chrome nor on Windows versions.

@dipro I had the same problem yesterday in the very same App where I first tested the icon change before answering to Jerome.

Between the first icon change, which worked, and the second, which did not, I think I have:

  • refresh or restarted the browser, and the UI changed slightly (different menu bar)
  • activated all beta labs features
  • edited the features of the app (mainly switched to url and then uploaded again a previous zip build)
    Here is the feature’s build url if you need the app id/account/etc.

Hope it help narrowing it down.

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dHey there @jeromeskiply and @LaurentConroux :wave:

That definitely seems quite odd. I’ve asked our development team to take a look here and share any insight they can provide on this behavior, and I will also add this to our iteration schedule to figure out a long-term solution. Thank you for bringing this to our attention :slight_smile:


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Hi @AlexSavchuk :wave:
There is another small pain with the app look & feel. If you choose a dark color for the app, the recipe is almost unreadable by the user on the column selection screen (black on black). I made a ticket for that but no answer at this stage.


Thank you for sharing this with me - would you mind passing over the ticket you’ve sent us in my DMs? I’d like to personally make sure our team is aware of that behavior, as I am a dark-mode everywhere type of person myself :slight_smile: