App idea: Tracking code information

I’d like to share an app idea with you, hopefully somebody will see the potential.

Many of us are having back-and-forth shipments all the time. Non-stop checking websites for tracking information and inputting data in Monday is time wasteful and MUST be optimised. There are some websites that can track shipments from many companies - e.g. 17Track.

If you create an app, which automatically updates tracking information from a column in my board, it would be awesome. Hopefully, it will also be able to update the a status column in the same board, so we can do some integrations/automations afterwards.

Hey @lyanchev

We don’t currently integrate natively with something like this, but I’ll go ahead and pass the feedback along internally to our team to see if it’s something we can integrate with in the future.

In the meanwhile if you would be interested in getting in touch with a developer to build this out, you can post in our ‘Hire a Specialist’ section of our community.