App installation and Permission's questions

Hi ,

I have an App with 2 features:
-Workspace template with one Board that is including/using the above Integration.

I have 2 questions:
When user install my app , and create the workspace from the workspace template , the integration will be included in the Board from the Workspace template (the integration not require any authentication) , correct?

  1. This Board should be visible only to the Monday Administrator for configuration data purposes , that means the users will not have permissions to it, and that means that when integration is being called by the User , the Token sent in the request will not include permissions to see this Board , as the User that triggered the action do not have permissions, is that correct? if so, what is the vest practice to reach this board on user action with minimum effort from the administrator of the account.


Hi @Roi_kapah !

Typically, when you create a workspace that is open to let anyone see unless you have an enterprise account.

The boards are also visible to users that are assigned in the people column or that have triggered automations.

Could you share which App that you have installed? That might give us a better idea of what you are trying to accomplish with a setup.

Thank you!