App planning - What's preferred widget option (iframe/monday code embedded/etc)?

We are planning out an app and are trying to do the following. I’m not certain whether it’s feasible or which method would be recommended.

Here’s the flow:

  • Monday admin authorizes/connects to MyApp
  • Monday admin selects which “Boards” they want to use within MyApp. MyApp gets list of users from Monday and creates them in MyApp so each of those users have a separate Monday account
  • Monday users view data fetched from MyApp’s API in a Monday widget (we’re trying decide based on which is possible):

** Widget embedded that gives user a link to login to MyApp and view info
** Widget that is an iframed view of MyApp info for that user
** Widget that is hosted through Monday code that would be similar to what we’d display in the iframe

I’m very familiar with OAuth and have tested a good deal with the Monday’s GraphQL API and feel comfortable there, but the main thing I’m stuck on is how we can/should display info from our app to the Monday user, and how we can most seamlessly give access to the user’s MyApp account (whether it’s embedded or they have a link that logs them in automatically to MyApp from Monday to view the info). How the flow of all this goes is a little fuzzy to me and we don’t want the user getting lost wondering what to do next/where to access stuff.

Thanks :man_cartwheeling:

I think I’ve been able to figure it out. It was confusing me where in Monday MyApp is applied, based on what type of feature is used. But any additional tips/suggestions are certainly welcome. Thanks :man_cartwheeling: