App resource to getting started and build something that means something

I joined few months back and I’m still struggling to build and setting up workflow that improves process. It looks easy enough to get started but once you put focus, you get lost easily and reach same place again and in the end, lose motivation.
For example, word cloud and other sample recipe tells you about how to run a code. But being focused on functionality and how and why, it’s very difficult for me to build something.
I have questions such as,
–> Suppose I am building, twillo integration then, I might want to provide API key or environment variable. Sometimes, every Monday user need to enter their credential or sometime just admin needs to setup while installing app (for example, for twillo api). how would I achieve that?
–> What really can be great is example app in multiple languages and what’s the learning curve and what does Monday recommend in which cases etc etc or partnering with some content creator to build app from scratch.
–> Are there any video tutorials that can serve as certification or become Monday Developer? curated series which leads to better app development practice and getting started would be much helpful
–> and can be broken down and continuation of advance Monday video tutorials to app development.

Apart from that, thank you for wonderful platform!! I’ve lots of idea and really want to build cool things that matters. if anyone is interested, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn


Hey @hello - welcome to the community! Glad you’re enjoying the platform :slight_smile:

In terms of certifications - we don’t currently offer those at the moment. However we do offer additional documentation and quickstart guides through our apps framework documentation.

In terms of API key and authentication, this would come through as part of the OAUTH authentication process (see here). Each application would get its API key to use, though I’m happy to discuss further if you give us some context on your workflow.


I want to build sample app where admin provides his/her Twilio Sid/token and other info (one time process) but he should be able to change that via setting which would help me integrate Twilio video.
Below are my doubts:

  1. App authorisation/setting to provide initial info
  2. Board fields mapping (Most use case apps I can think of involves mapping of some fields and integration recipe limits the possibility when I think about it)

Unless we get some concrete examples, it will be like sailing on our own since we might sound stupid and will need to find these on our own… so as you said, app framework and oAuth process are there but still not that helpful if you are beginner like me. :frowning:
(p.s. example of something similar/or Twilio sms and any dashboard app (team updates/form) will be huge help to community.)

Thanks in advance

Hi @hello!

I can absolutely understand where you’re coming from!

I think for some great examples of our apps, you can definitely go to our Github page here: welcome-apps/apps at master · mondaycom/welcome-apps · GitHub.

In particular, you can check out our code for the Github Node app. It provides a pretty good example of how to set up authentication between two softwares.

Regarding dynamic mapping, here is the documentation that maybe you’ve already seen before: monday Apps - Dynamic Mapping.

I agree that creating these apps can have quite a high bar for entry. These are quite complex apps, and you can imagine being able to access data from within a software such as Twilio or even can be quite a feat.

Definitely check out our examples and feel free to DM me or write into our support email for help too!


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