App submission and monetization

Hi team!
I have two question regarding the submission app to marketplace process :slight_smile:

  1. In the app submission form - What is the difference between Company to Individual developer (What is the difference in the future when it comes to payment from to the developer? Does the developer should send an invoice as well to get his payment ? there are any more differences?)
  2. Monetization form - what is the difference between “Israel entity” to non-israel entity? Does the process of the payment is difference from each other?

I will be happy for someone to spread some light on this.
Thanks in advanced!

Hey Baruh!

  1. It’s mainly for us to track. Regarding the invoices, both companies and individual developers must issue an invoice every month in order to get paid by us. Please read all about becoming a monday vendor.

  2. It’s mainly for VAT reasons. As monday is an Israeli company, Israeli vendors must add 17% VAT to their invoices’ total.

Hope that was helpful,
Shaul Gittelman


Hi Shaul, so companies need to send invoice each months, to what adress? I don’t see anything related to that in the documentation.

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Hello @DevdeVince,

I will let Shaul know about this message. You should receive a message soon :grin:

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Hey Vincent, we share all the details in the payments board when it’s more relevant - in other words, when there’s at least one purchase.

Here you go: