App versioning: some users are still on the deprecated version

Hi developers :wave:,
I’m facing a strange issue with our QR code tracking App. We pushed a new minor version a couple of days ago. We moved the custom actions from a server A to a server B, with different urls.
Most of the requests are now done correcly to server B.
BUT, we still see some requests going to server A.
We double check everything, trying to find out if we forgot to change one endpoint, but we are now 100% sure this is not the case.
What could explain that? Are some users stucked to an old version, for a reason that I don’t know?

Hi @jeromeskiply,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue!

I tried to reproduce this issue but couldn’t, however I’m happy to bring this up to our devs to see if this could be a bug.

As such, do you mind writing into with the following information?

  • What’s the URL of your QR code tracking app (I’m specifically looking for a set of numbers in the URL after “apps/manage/”. This will be your app ID).
  • Is there any discernible pattern for the requests that are still going to server A?
  • What’s the account name and user ID of the account and user that’s experiencing this issue (i.e. that you’re using to test)?
  • If necessary, do you give our developers permission to enter said account to troubleshoot? If this isn’t your account, you will need to CC the admin of the account to grant this permission.

Thank you so much!

Hi Helen,
Thank you for trying, but I’m afraid it is a very difficult bug to reproduce. We are dealing with thousands of call per day, and only a few are routed to the server A. It is coming from custom actions, and I double checked, in the new version, there isn’t any mention to server A anymore, in any recipe.
I already wrote to appsupport, let’s see what they can do.

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Hi all,

For any future readers, this was a bug that our developers were able to address. If you run into any similar issues, feel free to write into for troubleshooting.