App widespread outage

Hi everyone.
Several customers are reporting some problems using General Caster.
The app is not shown as installed (even if it is), existing integrations are not displayed and/or cannot be modified.
We cannot install General Caster into one of our workspaces as well.

Are you aware of the problem?

hi @rob

I got a likewise mail from a customer stating he can’t find the app at all, while it is an installed app.

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Hello there,

Would you be able to please (if you haven’t alread) open a ticket with us directly via email so that we can take each case and look for the source of the issue?

Looking forward to hearing from you over email!

Hey @Matias.Monday
I’ve already opened a ticket, but never heard back from you.

Hello again,

My colleague Alessandra replied a few minutes ago.

She will take a look into this!