Apply changes of structure for various boars at once

Hi, my main workflow is each student and parent will have their boars assigned, right now I have a template board for each of them. Example, I will have 100 parents, so the template board will be duplicated and assigned related parent guest.
In the begining will be easy because the template do the job, but after that if I need to apply a change of structure will be a nighmare…apply change in board one by one…

Please there already coming soon ability that let us apply changes in our template, then just click on a botton to send board structure update to boards selected?

hi @Kmk

I know this is in the development pipeline for Enterprise accounts, latest I’ve heard is end of 2022. If it is only adding columns to a template and all board created from that template I might have a solution for you. Let me know what your definition of “the structure” is.

Thanks for the information, the structure it mean how the board is configured, the columns, integrations and automations…