Applying subscription discounts via the API?

Is there a way to apply an app subscription discount via the API? I know it’s possible to apply discounts via the Monetization feature page, but an API would let me automate the process. Currently, it’s tedious to do this for many customers manually.

I would like this feature so I could create an automated flow on my backend to automatically give certain customers discounts to sign up for a subscription from a trial plan. It would be great to help decrease customer attrition.

The ability to create discount codes could be another way of accomplishing the same thing. I’m fine with either solution.

Hi @PluginGenie,

Unfortunately, the API doesn’t support providing discounts to users at the moment. I changed the category of your post so it goes into the feature request queue and added a vote for you!

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+1 from the DocuGen team. The more we can do via APIs, the better it is for scalability

Hello there,

We have added your vote for this request :grin:


Has there been any progress on this? I’d really like to be able to make use of an discount api so that I can improve conversions on my apps

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Hello there @benhowes,

This has not been implemented yet nor I can share an ETA for it right now.

As of today, to apply a discount, you need to go to the app’s configuration screen to apply it manually from there.

For everyone, you can vote for this request at the top of the screen!