Are there plans to add graphQL support for vendors to query things like subscriptions?

Adding graphQL support for marketplace vendors would allow us to build out our own sales and reporting dashboards based on live data so that we can see whats happening with our shared customers now.

For example, I had a query where I forgot that I’d given a 200 user non-profit account a large discount. Being able to look this up would be very useful.

Some examples

  • query sales & discounts
  • query trials and when they expire

Someone who builds such a reporting facility for vendors may even put it on the marketplace for other vendors :wink:

Cc: @Matias.Monday @dipro

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Hi @dvdsmpsn
It’s a pleasure to e-meet you. I am Tom and I will introduce myself very soon to you.

In regards to your feedback. Thank you for making it so clear with an example that makes sense. Our team considers different solutions for developers, specifically when it comes to app business/sales info. However, I cannot provide a clear answer to your specific request at this point of time. I will inform you soon when there will be updates addressing this kind of capability.

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Hey @dvdsmpsn,

Just FYI, I changed the “category” of your post from Marketplace Builders’ only to Feature Requests so it gets in the request queue. This also allows other devs to “vote” on your request! :smiley:


:+1:Thumbs up from the CarbonWeb team! This would be super beneficial.