Are you not able to see a formula column's value unless you have viewing permissions to all dependent columns of the formula?

I am making an HR dashboard for each of my employees. The dashboard will summarize info from a few other boards e.g. vacation day requests, etc…
One of the boards connect to this “HR Dashboard” has several formula columns. The formula columns depend on one another to calculate how many vacation days an employee has. Most of these columns are not interesting for each employee to see so I hide the columns from view. I only wanted people to see the final calculated result of how many vacation days they had.
On the “HR Dashboard” I tried to just simply pull this final formula column using a Number widget. Then I filtered for the given employee and should just see that single value. For me as Admin it worked perfectly. However, the employees can only view N/A. I dug deeper and the only way to make it viewable to the “Non-admins” is to make all of the dependent columns viewable to everyone.
Has anyone else run into anything similar with permissions? Is this what the folks at want it to do? Is it functioning as designed or is it a glitch?
Am I going about this wrong? Any ideas for a work around? Love to get any feedback available


Yes there should be an easy workaround for this. Have you used the Apps Marketplace yet? You can navigate to that from the Integrations Center or from clicking your portrait in the bottom left and choosing the Apps Marketplace. From there you should install the General Caster App.

This app will allow you to bypass a lot of formula related non-compatibility issues in Monday. Instead of using a formula column, which is the cause of the issue, General Caster processes the formula outside of Monday and “cast” it to a plain text column.

You don’t even need to go back and re-do any of your formulas. Just have the final result formula column cast the data you need to a text column and you can hide everything else. For future formulas you can use General Caster from the start but I personally use it more for cases like this. If this doesn’t work or you need help setting it up let me know.

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