Assign placeholders

Hello everyone,

Do you know if there is a way to affect items/tasks to people that are placeholders in Monday ?

For example I have a people column and I would like to assign an item to a developer profile, because I don’t know yet which developer of my team will work on the project.

It would allow me to anticipate a workload even if I don’t have the resource yet.

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Hi Corentin,

How about you just use a dummy email to create a new account within your organization. Set that user as viewer and use that account every time you don’t have anyone to assign to a task?

  • you can automate the process by changing the default values for new item.

Just select the dummy account in the person column and save changes.

Remember that if you only have one person per task you can limit the number of people that can be placed in a people column by going into the settings for that column. You can choose 1,2,3 or unlimited.

Hi @Emil

Thank you for your answer,

When you say dummy email does this mean that the email adress needs to be a real one ? Or can we put a random email adress because It seems that I have an error message with a false email adress.

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Hi and no problem. Happy to help.

You will need a real email address for this. I would do this.

  1. Make a gmail address. Can be just anything.
  2. Invite that address to your board/s as a viewer*
  3. Set the default values for new items that people column is populated with this new dummy user
  4. (Optional) Set the limit of people assigned to a people column.
  5. Profit.

*If you assign this user as a viewer you don’t have to worry about it taking up precious seats meant for contributing members of your org. Ergo. its free.

Hope this solution works for you.

Hi @Emil

Thanks again, it is a very clear answer.

Have a great day,


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Hi @corentin.dalfarra - You can use a Team for this instead of a dummy account. Create an empty Team (go to your profile pic, click on it Teams). Add as many Teams as you like, even without anyone in them. Then you can use them as placeholders to assign tasks as needed when you want a placeholder.


Hi @PolishedGeek

I did not think about teams in that way, thant you for the tip !

Have a nice day,


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Didn’t know that either. Good idea :slight_smile:

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