Assigning a Person From Multiple Sources

Hi All, I’m wondering how I can assign a person to an item created in the same group from multiple sources. Is this doable? I’ve tried automating it but it’s not working like I want it to.
Example: I need to assign person A to an item when the item comes from a form but assign person B to an item (in the same group) when an item is created from a connected board.

Hey @cassie.pennington

Nachliel from Easyapps here

As you probably know, you can assign a person to an Item with the automation that creates the Item from a connected board, meaning that the issue is assigning a person to an item created specifically by a form not based on the group.

Our app Easyfrom can solve you problem with our Item default value feature that allows you to assign a Status/ Dropdown value to every item created by the form, and then you can use this automation to assign People based on the Status/ Dropdown value you assigned:

Read more about item default values and the apps many other features in our comprehensive documentation site.

Regardless, if you are interested in creating styled forms that better match your brand and embed perfectly in you web page Easyfrom may be you solution. Check out our app in action:
main gif easyform

You can contact us at, and we also provide free training sessions if you need one.