Assigning an owner

Hi there!

I am creating a board for the overall workflow that comes into my team (change requests, bugs, onboarding); what I would like to be able to do is automate the assigning of an owner based on the value of column (Zendesk Assignee ID). This doesn’t seem to be possible as the automation recipe is based only on a column changing, rather than assign if value =.

From what I can see formulas can’t be used for this either.

Is what I’m trying to do possible or would it require a custom integration?



Hi @emmak ,

I haven’t worked directly with the Zendesk integration before, however I believe that to be able to assign an owner, you would need a custom integration.

This is because you would need a datastore to associate the Zendesk user id with the user id.

We are a partner and have experience in working with Apps and the API. Feel free to book a time in my calendar here or reach out to our team at

We would be more than happy to help you with this one!

Hey @emmak, just confirming that you would need a custom integration—’s native integration with Zendesk does not support mapping of the Assignee ID to our people column.

I’m looking to do something similar, and I think I can accomplish this with Zapier, but where can I find the user id?
I have a board, but can’t find any info from the “people” column.