Assigning chargeable rate to person

Am reviewing Monday as a proof on concept.

We need to track project profitability across a number of projects. Have seen how to apply the formula column to provide this however what I cannot find information on is whether it is possible to assign a chargeable rate to an individual and therefore use these chargeable rates across projects within monday.

I can’t see a way of doing this, at the moment, without assigning per task row. Anyone have experience of this?


My initial approach would be to look at creating a board to contain your charge rates by individual then link this board where you need it and mirror the rate column.

Hi @alan.every,

I agree with @JCorrell! You can set-up a board that lists out all of the individuals and their rates. Then we can leverage a connected boards column to mirror in the rate of the individual performing the task. The mirror column is supported in the formula column, so we can calculate profitability from there.

Hope this helps!

@alan.every I think VLOOKUP app can help you with that.
Here is a video demo for Jobs and Rates use case.

App is free to use with 2 boards. You can use the “1stfree” coupon when you check out to get free first month.