Assigning values for columns of an item


I am able to create new item, and to assign to the columns of that item values, BUT…
some values remain, some values are changing back to ‘empty’.

What do I mean by that? Well, they literally change back to empty values after approximately a second after the issue appears.

The crazily weird part is that for two columns, where their two mutations require pretty much the same mutation, one of them has it’s value remaining, the other is changing back.

I thought perhaps it’s related to automations, but I’ve turned all of them off, and the issue maintains.

Any ideas what could be the issue?

The following are my mutations, and once again, I will state that the action works, and then retracts itself (from some columns).

export const postNewIssueQuery = (
MondayService: MondayType,
reqBody: IssueInterface,
clientsForMutation: string,
reporterMondayId: string
): string => {
return mutation { create_item(board_id: ${MondayService.issuesBoardId}, group_id: "new_group70712", item_name: "${reqBody.title}", column_values: "{\\"connect_boards\\":{\\"linkedPulseIds\\": ${clientsForMutation}} ,\\"people2\\":{\\"personsAndTeams\\":[{\\"id\\":\\"${reporterMondayId}\\",\\"kind\\":\\"person\\"}]}, \\"dropdown\\": {\\"ids\\":[${}]}, \\"status94\\": {\\"index\\": ${parseInt(}, \\"post_id\\":null, \\"changed_at\\": \\"\\"}, \\"color\\": {\\"index\\": 3, \\"post_id\\":null, \\"changed_at\\": \\"\\"}, \\"status3\\": {\\"index\\": ${parseInt(}, \\"post_id\\":null}, \\"dup__of_severity\\": {\\"index\\": ${parseInt(}, \\"post_id\\":null} }") {id name}};

update: sometimes it even lasts longer, for couple of seconds, before it is ran over with an empty value.

any ideas?

Hi @danieln,

are you by any chance running these mutations concurrently? I understand that if you do run our mutations at the same time, your data may become corrupted.