Assistance Required: Issue with Updates Transfer


I am currently in the process of moving all the boards for one of our clients from the American server to the European server. Unfortunately, in this scenario, the “Cross account copier” cannot assist. Therefore, I am using an integration via N8N using the API. Unfortunately, I am facing an issue—I would like to transfer the updates for all items. The creation and assignment to items are successful, but unfortunately, the person assigned at the start of the update is not the same when it arrives on the European server. This is because the API does not provide the option to change the user with their email or ID. The update is automatically assigned to me. Do you have any ideas to suggest for allowing the assignment of the update to someone other than me, whether it’s by their ID or email? Thank you in advance for your responses.

Best regards,
Delépine Tom.

You will need to collect a token from every user, and look up the token for the correct user to run the mutation to create the update. At this time there is no way to impersonate the update creator (this has been asked for in the past because updates are one place this has value)

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