Async Standups - Am I doing it wrong?

Good morning everyone, I’m trying to build out an Async Standup board for my engineers and running into issues at every turn. I’m trying to figure out if what I’d like to do is even possible.

  • Automation creates a new group every morning @5am named after the day’s date.
  • First column is the assigned engineer, following columns are the daily standup questions.
  • Form that prompts the engineer to each of the daily standup questions and applies them to the newly created group for the day.
  • Engineer is notified via slack @10am that it’s time to fill out their daily standup, with a link to the form.
  • I am notified via slack when all engineers have filled out their standups, or by 11am, whichever happens first.

Is this actually doable? It’s like I can get 40% there with some parts, but I can’t get them to work together, or are blocked by certain things, like all boards requiring a useless “item” column to be the first column.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hey Ryan,

As you’ve mentioned, parts of this are certainly achievable in the platform, however, there are elements that you might need adjust or change to work within the capabilities of the platform.

That said, is it possible for you to send over a short recording of what you currently have set up? This will enable me to gauge what might need to change in order to get this working best for you. You’re welcome to use the free, online tool :pray:

As for the item as the first column, I am sorry to hear of your frustration. Could you instead use items to list the engineers names, if you’re finding that they aren’t providing you with purpose? I look forward to hearing from you!

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