Attachments to emails from Gmail to pull into Updates field - same as Outlook

We often send emails from Outlook to Monday items. Everything comes through to Monday Updates OK - including attachments.

However, when sending emails from Gmail, only the email comes through - no attachments.

Monday support say that this is a known issue and they are working on it with Gmail.

Request that attachments from Gmail come through to Monday Updates - same as they do from Outlook.

P.S. It would be handy for this limitation with Gmail to be mentioned in the Monday support article.

Hey @JohnW,

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback and concerns.

I agree this would be helpful as well. I will be sure to pass this along to our team for review. :slight_smile:

Continue to be a rockstar and continue sharing your feedback. Ps. Feel free to share any unique use case that you might in some of the other sections as well. :slight_smile:


I would also love to see this feature added. We have the automation in place, to recognize incoming emails based on a column entry, which post to our updates. However we have to go into gmail to grab the attachments manually still. We are not setup to use the Outlook integration because of our email system.

When I send something to a pulse from gmail, the whole thing comes over, including attachments. I just have to hit “more” in the update and scroll down.

Do you mean that you have to manually upload to get it to the Info Boxes 1/Add file tab?

What I wish happened is that the attachment was added as a fie in the Info Boxes tab automatically OR that I could drag and drop from the Update Tab to the Info Boxes / 1 tab.

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We need this feature as soon as possible,
in our workflow we need to send technical reports to the clients when the job is done.
thanks, we wait your feedback.

I´try to use an outlook account but it not allow me, saying that personal accounts are not allowed :frowning:

Hey @hlopezvc

In order to use the Outlook integration, you need to ensure that your emails are hosted by Outlook on cloud not on premise.


Hey, i was using a personal account to make some test, this emails are hosted online (its a account). But it not allow me saying that. See the screenshot:


Thanks for sending that!
To check in Outlook, click Account Preferences and locate the email provider icon on the top of the account’s screen. if there is an Outlook icon, then the email account will integrate with

Example of an Outlook account that’s not hosted by Outlook.

Let me know if you see that?

Hi Julia,
My IMAP and SMTP configurations say : AND

Hey @hlopezvc

Can you send us an email to support about this as I want us to investigate it as a bug?

Thanks so much in advance!

Hello Julia,
i have reported this as a bug 2 days ago, @lauraglev respond for this issue, saying that Outlook accounts that are business or professional are supported and personal ones are not.
Beside this, she clarify things telling that if i was looking to incorporate attachments, this is also not supported yet on either Gmail or Outlook.

Having this feature will increase the potential of as a communication and reporting tool for our customers. Please take this as a feature request…

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