🚨 Attention: Join the Digital Directive!

🚨Attention: Join the Digital Directive!

The first edition of the Digital Directive, our weekly newsletter on all things workflow, DPA (digital process automation), monday.com, and ways to improve your business is going out Monday 7/11 at 11am EST!

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Digital Directive #1: Outline your workflow

We’re starting from the ground up discussing:

  1. Why workflow is important

  2. Identifying your most vital process or workflow

  3. Outlining this process to understand it better

  4. Visualizing it so you can enhance and optimize it

A Quick FAQ about the newsletter and what you can expect

Why did we create this newsletter?


We want to spread our knowledge of workflow automation, digital process building, and as certified monday partners we’re seeking to add as much value as possible to the community!

What to expect in an edition of the Digital Directive?


Every release includes a single topic of focus, which will be your weekly directive. You can expect how-tos, tips, tricks, blogs, freebies (to add to your workflow), info on upcoming updates, and more!

What’s the schedule for the newsletter?


We plan to release an edition of the Digital Directive every Monday directly to your inbox at 11am EST.

Where’d the name come from?


Our idea is to provide you with a specific instruction, or directive, weekly that gets you thinking about your business, your workflow, and opportunities for improving digitally; hence the name Digital Directive.

What makes us credible?


Ultimately that’s for you to decide, but we always seek to provide valuable information! As certified monday partners, we’ve been afforded the luxury of seeing the intricacies of how businesses adapt to digital platforms and seek to develop new workflows. Additionally, we’ve seen the problems, roadblocks, and success stories you’ll want to know and hear about.

CarbonWeb is excited to bring this newsletter to the monday community!

[Join the Digital Directive]

Hello, I had tried to click on the link and it ends up re-directing to your home page. I also couldn’t a link to subscribe to the newsletter. Is this still something you are planning and publishing?

I would be interested in receiving it, but I can’t find anything more on how to. Even the Contact Us link seems to re-direct back to the home page.

Hey Bill,

Excited to have you interested in it, and apologies for the broken link! Thanks for pointing it, there was an update to our site, but you can subscribe here: https://www.carbonweb.co/#join-digital-directive

If you were looking to get in touch, you can also reach out to us here: contact@carbonweb.co

Stay tuned for next week’s Digital Directive, we’re talking about CRM! When you subscribe you will get our first edition of the newsletter as well!

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