Audit Log API Token

I have been using Audit Logs API token for almost 2years and we have use this Audit Log API token in a script we run which saves these logs from to AWS s3.
This API token automatically got deleted on its own. When you go to Monitor by API section in Audit logs, we cannot even edit or delete this token ourselves.
So how did this token get deleted?
is it possible that this happened due to an admin deactivation? if yes, why did it only happen in Production and not in Sandbox?
I have confirmed with Development team that tjere is no auto refresh option available so why did this happen?
if i wish to Regenerate a new token, how do i do that, given there’s no option to delete or edit the audit log api token?

Hello there @anikaendlaw,

I see you are handling this via email in a thread with one of our agents.

Let´s continue the flow over there :grin:


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