Authorization issue for a new custom action

I created a new app with an integration feature. I created a receipt using a build-in trigger and a custom action which I created (I put in the custom action a URL of external system as an end point). Now, the app was connected to the relevant board.
When I am making a change in the board data, the trigger is fired, but I am getting an error message: “your automation has failed due to an authorization issue” . And from the other hand, I don’t see any activity in the endpoint side…
What can cause the authentication issue ?

Assuming that you have the correct URL, also have you confirmed you are specifying the URL with https:// and using https://

http URLs will not send the token.

Thanks Cody fot your prompt response
Yes, my URL is using //https

Is it possible it is rejecting with a 401 or 403 error someplace upstream of where you’re looking? Possibly an API Gateway, load balancer or other such service? It sounds like its failing someplace other than where you’re intending to validate the jwt at.

Where can I find these logs for those failed calls?

These would all be in your infrastructure. What are you using for a server/hosting?

Power automate. But I don’t see any incoming call to power automate. It is like getting fail in Monday before going out

I don’t think it would fail leaving monday. My assumptions is the power automatic is dropping it because it doesn’t understand what to do with the authentication header monday sends. And it is doing it before triggering your workflow.

There doesnt appear to be a lot of support in power automate, but there is a lot in and Zapier which are two other no-code platforms (but less microsoft integrated).

I would not try to create an app for distribution in any no-code platform. If you are just trying to do a custom action with power automate on a single board (or on several of your boards the same) look into Webhooks (as in the integration you can add to a board, either through the UI on the board or the API)

Maybe do I need to have an admin permission since I am the owner of the app ?

Not necessarily.

The issue is power automate doesn’t support the authorization headers monday events send and is rejecting them before you even see them.

I am not sufficiently well versed to know if power automate can even be configured to do what is needed.

I understand what you are saying.
But…. I am manage to send calls from power automate to Monday using my new app with it authentications… which means that one way it works.
Is that info may change your thoughts? Or you think this has nothing to do with Monday to power automate direction?

And also, when I am using build-in trigger to send webhook to Power Automate - this works well

Hello there @Ayelet1983,

Would you be able to please send over an email to so we can take a closer look into this?

If you can, please include a screen recording of the steps you are taking and the error you are seeing so we can use that information for our investigation.

Looking forward to hearing from you over email!


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Will do !
Thank you so much!

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Glad to help @Ayelet1983 !

@Ayelet1983 Is the issue fixed , could you help me how established the connection between custom action with Powe flow

Unfortunately no. I was not manage to do that……

I know it’s been awhile since you first posted this, but I wanted to recommend you check out the Power Automate app in the marketplace. It has the ability to run a flow in Power Automate from an event that happens in It can also perform actions in from a Power Automate flow.