Auto Archive Formulas (HELP NEEDED)

Is it possible to have an automation which automatically archives an item if the date the formula gives you is equal to NOW() or if there is a formula you can use to automatically archive something with an IF statement?

The only issues I am running into are:

Automation to automatically archive an item when a date arrives does not work with custom formulas as you cannot select the column.

There is no formula you can use to archive an item.

I would like the item to be archived automatically when the date in Punished Until is equal to todays date.


Up - I’ve the same question.

hi @d4wgs

Welcome to the community! As the output of a formula is only available in your browser (client side) there is no way you can use this output in an automation. As an alternative: the “When date arrives” trigger has a clickable When, where you can specify x amount of days after the date specified in the Date column arrives. Would that be a workaround for you?

Hello @basdebruin, thanks for the quick reply.

Unfortunately that would not work as my items have different due dates in which I’d like to archive them upon. Is it possible to automatically archive the item after the amount of Days in my “Length (Days)” column is passed after the “Punishment Date”?

hi @d4wgs

Sure you can, see below. When the date in the selected date column (Date in this example) arrives you can archive the item. The first word (When) can be configures x amount of days before/after the date set in the Date column. Just click the automation and add a custom automation based on “when date arrives” with an action “archive item”.

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Hello @basdebruin,

The issue with this is that I cannot select the “Punished Until” within the “When” statement. I would like for the item to be automatically archived when the date in “Punished Until” arrives but I will be having several items with different Punished Until dates (as seen in the picture).

The reason I cannot select the “Punished Until” column as the date (as seen in picture) is because the value of each item is calculated by a formula (as seen in the picture). The column which shows up is “Punishment Date” which is supposed to be the date that the item is created which is manually entered. I’d like the item to archive “Length (Days)” after the “Punishment Date” which is our “Punished Until” value. Does a feature which helps me accomplish this exist within


hi @d4wgs
As said, the output of a formula column can not be used in any other automation. The fact is that the calculation of the formula takes place in your browser and monday is not aware of the outcome of that formula. I do not see how to do this with out-of-the-box monday. You might want to consider the use of the General Caster app (see marketplace) because that app does calculations on the server side and pushes the outcome to a real monday date column.

Alright, thank you for the help. I will try it out and see if I can get it to work!

I simply created an archive board. I use an automation to move an item to the archived board and setting a date. out of sight, out of mind. An automation to move an item has many more options. Once on my archive board, I archive them after 30 days after the date I had added with the automation.

I think you could do this in Integromat and have a scenario trigger when you make a change to the ‘Length (Days)’ column.

So you’d set a date in the Punishment Date, then a Length which would trigger the Integromat Scenario, which would then update a final ‘Punished Until’ column (but as a date rather than formula). Then you could create an internal Monday automation that triggers on the Punished Until date column.