Auto Assign Person on a Rota


Is it possible to auto-assign a person to a newly created task based on the person on the last task?

For example, when new a item is created and the person on previous task is person a, assign person b. Then the same for person c (if person is person b) and person d (if person is person c), respectively.

Or just being able to assign a person on a rota basis, however the logic.

Hey @onajite,

I wonder if you could incorporate our dependencies feature to achieve this? Specifically this automation:

This way, you can set the status in the new item, based on the status of the previous item. You can then set up this recipe to assign a person based on the status label:

Let me know if this makes sense!

Hi @BiancaT

Thank you.

I wasn’t able to achieve it with that. I did something else instead.

  1. Created a group that would act as the controller of the automation
  2. Then set up an automation for when an update is added to a task in that group and if person is person a, assign (replace) person b as assignee, then create an item (copy of item in controller) in a second group (the actual task group). The update created/emailed to the controller task would contain details of the task but I didn’t want every update to trigger an automation so comments on the task will be made on the item created.
  3. Duplicated the automation for person b to person c, and then person c to person a.

It would be complicated if there were more people to assign on a rota, but thankfully, I am only dealing with three :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for sharing your workaround here @onajite - I like the way you’ve approached this :muscle: Let me know if I can help with anything else :pray: