Auto assign subtask on previous subtask status change

My project has a repeating cycle of operations performed by multiple teams on multiple objects. Each command performs one type of operation and after execution, the next command performs its operation, passes on, and so on.
I need to automate this process so that after team 1 completes task 1 and changes its status to “done”, task 2 on that unit is automatically moved to “in progress” status and assigned to team 2 and so on. It would also be very desirable to automatically start and stop the timer to control the execution time of each operation. Could anybody explain how to acheive that?

hi @michael.g

Monday is not order aware (there is no concept of next and previous) but you can define the order of items with the dependency column. Steps to achieve this:

  • add a Dependency column to your subitems

  • Build you dependencies by clicking on the column

using settings:

and select “No action”