Auto-ID column (we need to be more useful)

This column could be so useful, what a bigger opportunity to change his present features.

  • The search field doesnt work with this. You cant search anything… its useless.
  • You cant use this as a reference for link and mirroring columns.
  • You cant use this in formulas.
  • If you change the sort criteria, all ID references are gone, lost forever. Same if you change an item from groups, auto ID is lost, the ID doesnt belong anymore to the item.

+1 to above

Added improvement:
I would love the ability to make a prefix or suffix in an AutoID column, like you can in a numbers column. It could look just like the number column setting but just have the L/R justification and the ‘Type your own’ option.



I really need this feature too - an autonumbering column with a prefix that increments by 1 for each new pulse addition to a board

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I find the Auto Number changes anyway when pulses are deleted or moved to another group, so I use the Item ID column. i’m not sure if it will do what you are looking for, but …

@Chris yes, what you say its true, but you cant control this number, you cant put a prefix, and this number is about 10 digits.

What i was asking is to have an improved autoID column that make all the things said. I Mean its behaviour have to be the same as pulse ID column (to stay with the pulse all the time).

+1 from me! Prefixing would be even better with it.