Auto-ID column (we need to be more useful)

This column could be so useful, what a bigger opportunity to change his present features.

  • The search field doesnt work with this. You cant search anything… its useless.
  • You cant use this as a reference for link and mirroring columns.
  • You cant use this in formulas.
  • If you change the sort criteria, all ID references are gone, lost forever. Same if you change an item from groups, auto ID is lost, the ID doesnt belong anymore to the item.

+1 to above

Added improvement:
I would love the ability to make a prefix or suffix in an AutoID column, like you can in a numbers column. It could look just like the number column setting but just have the L/R justification and the ‘Type your own’ option.



I really need this feature too - an autonumbering column with a prefix that increments by 1 for each new pulse addition to a board


I find the Auto Number changes anyway when pulses are deleted or moved to another group, so I use the Item ID column. i’m not sure if it will do what you are looking for, but …

@Chris yes, what you say its true, but you cant control this number, you cant put a prefix, and this number is about 10 digits.

What i was asking is to have an improved autoID column that make all the things said. I Mean its behaviour have to be the same as pulse ID column (to stay with the pulse all the time).

+1 from me! Prefixing would be even better with it.

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I am bringin back this to all… its a must-have feature that not having this is bringing us several pain points! We are using some other old system not-web based to identify the pulses and we have to manually add them to the pulses which is a loss of time…

I see that integromat have some integration in order to do that, but it think this a basic feature that needs to be inside the platform, and i think its not difficult to achieve.

Can we please have some feedback on this?

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Pulse IDs are unusable. I can not tell my colleagues, “hey could you take care of ticket 468970376241, please”. It is a database ID for linking objects, not meant for being used and referred to by users. Like in JIRA, I need a prefix and number starting from 1 on each new board, e.g.:


This is also a simple way to know the total amount of tickets that have ever been created for a board.

The item ID is in the millions by now on Monday. Not very usable and not very user-friendly to communicate with your colleagues about the ticket “1346372389254” (you will probably need 20 seconds to spell out the number correctly!)

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I requested this last year as we have a numbering system for our projects that is unique to us. The Auto Numbering doesn’t work because it’s not sequential and cannot be customised. I was told it was something that had been asked for before, and was a great feature to have. But nothing has happened with it, yet…

I think all here know that pulse-ID are useless for our use cases, and the only thing that is used for is for support assistance to solve internal bugs and stuff like that.

I bring to all of you some definitions on identification and trazability, we and other company im sure are ISO 9000 certified, and we must apply to this terms.

Identification: the action or process of identifying someone or something or the fact of being identified. when you identify someone or something this ID must belong always to the same item, it cannot change or be modified.

Traceability: the quality of having an origin or course of development that may be found or followed. This means if you loss your AUTOID associated with a pulse you loss traceability, there is no way to found anything along our process.

Other thing i was told by monday support on my custom and improved ID feature request, was : why not using tags or a number column, or a formula with combined date/time to make a lookalike usable ID. I say NO!, you cannot be identifyng manually all the pulses, because its a loss of time and this means too human errors.

Only thing i ask is an improved AUTO-ID column, that include a custom prefix, but the number must be autocreated and must be stay to this pulse till the end, as same as pulse ID column behaviour works.

Seriously as an user im tired of requesting this and not being understanded, this is a must-have not only for certified company, is for all purposes that needs to identify a project, a quote number, a product serial number or anything…

I hope this to be finally solved, in our company we have to keep at least 2 old software that only give us an AUTOID, and then we continue from monday.

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Is this thread looking for the same solution as in Custom numbering of pulses?

An honest question to the @BrettWD Monday team: how do you refer to pulses yourself internally at the Monday office? “Hey Jeff, whats the status on 36285462?”. Just curious :slight_smile:

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Its the same request.

This is super important in software development, to be able to name a branch in git referring to a short ID that makes sense. A prefix solves this.