Auto-ID column (we need to be more useful)

Hi all and monday team,

Yeah same for me, really need that feature.
Similar to auto id but without update when we move into the dashboard.

Thanks in advance


Hello Monday team, this enhancement would be extremely helpful for our use case as well. Having the ability to track a unique ticket request ID for when a user submits an issue for audit purposes is key to us rolling out to more users in our organization. Hopefully we can see this sometime soon.

Thanks in advance.


As an agency delivering development work for many clients we are also desperate to see this feature pushed through to help manage our development process more cleanly. As other users have stated, the current ticket numbers are too long and we need a way to pre-fix the numbers with an ID that we define so that we can determine which tickets are in a branch release more easily.



Just would like to hear what is the status on this suggestion.
We are in a place where it is the deciding factor for continuing using We have to be able to ID opportunities, projects, customers etc. in a PM tool. Any news reg. this?

Hope solution is on the way.



I just created a separate question about this very same topic, just to learn a few minutes later that it’s an old request from a lot of users.
Now I don’t know if I should feel glad or hopeless. Either monday it’s going to implement it, since so many users are requesting it, or… if many users are requesting it and they haven’t done it already, maybe they never will… I don’t know what to think.


I have created a recipe (through a monday app) that looks like this.

When the recipe is added to a board the user needs to authorize the automation and from that point the user can configure the recipe. Input fields are:

  • Preceding text (optional) - like INV-
  • Starting number
  • minimum number of digits - to get something like INV-0001
  • a text column to store the ID in

A board using this will look like:

I want to ask you if this is the functionality you would like to see or that I am missing pieces.

We will put this monday app in our marketplace as soon as releases the functionality to share monday apps between accounts.


Excellent, ill take a look at this and then i will give feedback.

Such a simple feature but HUGE painpoint for anyone trying to do agile planning in Monday. The lack of a good numbering system makes switching to Monday from Jira all the less favorable.

Does this then maintain the numbering sequence going forward without any further user intervention?

Each new item will get a new number as configured (preceding text and number) which will be placed in the configured column. No user intervention at all. If an existing item is deleted the number is not re-used (i.e. there will be a hole in the numbering).

If users are allowed to modify the columns of your board or the content they can still mess up your numbering. In this feature request Write once column I have asked for a write once column to make sure users can’t mess with column data generated by the app.


Hi Bas, dit ziet er goed uit. Dit ga ik binnenkort zeker even uitproberen, als het werkt voeg ik dit aan onze boards toe. Thanks for the post!

That sounds exactly what we need. We never reuse numbers, once a project is in the system regardless of what happens with it, it remains so we have an audit trail.

The sooner Monday get their act together the better.

Excellent work Bas

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This is perfect. I am trying to get something like this for months. I just tried to make the recipe myself and am not seeing the “generate an auto-…” Is that something you custom programed?

Hi @jdavies-IDD

Yes, this is part of a monday app which holds more custom recipes. We, @PedroM and myself are developing this app and it is ready to go into large scale test mode. However, we are waiting for monday for the possibility to share monday apps between accounts. We will offer the app with the custom recipes for a very modest price though our store at

Being honest, i think its perfect for advanced users to develop share or Sell their own apps in order to solve other user problems.

But, this does not exempt to officially implement the solution that I have requested, and for which I have been contacted to give my opinion on how the improved id column should work.

I don’t like this. At first, it may look like a good thing, being able to buy third party’s apps. More flexibility and all. But I’ve seen it happen to Jira. As soon as somebody builds an app, Jira magically loses all interest in implementing it. Some features have been requested for 15years, they look like nice small additions, but nope, you have to buy an app for that.
I’m concerned the same might happen to Monday. I don’t want to have to go shopping for this and that. I want to pay my subscription and get everything I need. I opted for Monday for the simplicity. If this is the direction Monday is going to go, I’ll probably switch to a different tool.

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See my post at for more details of our app that included the AutoID column feature.

I do understand some of the concerns raised here about 3rd party apps that have a costs associated with it. Please understand there are also costs involved in creating, maintaining and running these kind of apps. And off course you can always build it yourself :slight_smile:

Hey @cquad, Dipro from the team here. I really appreciate your frank feedback.

While we’re really excited about the apps that our community will create, I also wanted to stress that our dev team has not stopped releasing features that improve our core product. This means new and improved columns, views and reporting capabilities.

If you’re interested in seeing our roadmap for the future, I’d recommend reaching out to our team at so we can share more information on our future plans!

This looks really useful @basdebruin.

This may not be the best place to ask this question. However, I can’t see where else to post it at this time.

Setting a “Start Number” for use to generate the commencement of the sequence is really useful. However, I can’t see this number being incremented within the recipe.

Where does this number get stored? Is it somewhere in the account where this app is installed?

It seems that once the “Start Number” is set, it cannot be reset. Is that correct? If not, how can this number be reset?

Hi @snicho,

Thank you for your feedback. This is a good place to ask questions :slight_smile:. For people who purchases our apps we run a support forum on our own website, but I also read this community regularly.

The number is incremented when you create a new item and numbers will never be reused. So the recipe does not specify the increment it is always +1. If there is a need to configure the “step size” we can modify the recipe sentence, but our goal is to make it as simply as possible.

The number is stored in a database on the same server where the backend of the app is running, this is outside

There is a methord for resetting the number scheme, just insert a new item with the name “RESET AUTOID” and the original (or modified) configuration from the recipe will start all over. This is very useful is you use the year in the preceding text (linke “INV-2020-xxx”). The item with “RESET AUTOID” can be safely removed from your board.

Hope this answers your questions.

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