Auto Populate Email Address for another user in Monday when they are the owner of a record?

Hi I am the Admin for our Monday system and I am trying to re-engineer our workflows and maximize output and the use of our system. I support our business development team so we are using Monday as a Sales Pipeline management tool and a CRM. In sales we send out ton of contracts, proposals, form letters etc. I need to be able to pull Monday user data into these forms and not sure how to automate that now?

Here is the Use Case:

I have created a board with the sole purpose of using the columns in that board to generate Monday e-forms and DocuGen (Plugin) templates (Contracts, form letters, etc.) with columns that will feed/populate a DocuGen template. When I generate a new proposal it clearly has to include the sales person’s Name, Title, email and phone number…these people are clearly users in the system.

Is there a way that if I select myself for example as the Account owner for a prospective client that my email, title, email and phone number can auto populate in other columns within the board? Thus allowing the generated template to pull from those columns and populate the appropriate fields within the template? I must be missing something? Can you help?