Auto Selecting Connected Items when the name is the same

Hello everyone,

Here is my question:

(background) I run a production company and we are creating workspaces in based on Departments within the company. So for example, we have Editing, Pre Production, Curation, Filming etc. Each workspace has it’s respective client base like Social media, Commercial etc.

On a Management level board we have a top down view of the stages of each process and we can see the status of a single client as it moves through the pipeline. The first step is Pre Production planning.

Our goal is to create a way for a single file to be viewed by all members of the production staff down the pipeline on their respective board for their department based on original file that is uploaded by the preproduction team.

To facilitate this we have create a board connection and have connected the appropriate boards. However, we have to manually sync the item on each board.

Now the questions:

  1. Is is possible to set a default value or an automation that says whenever the items within two boards that are connected have the same name to select them and click the connect box automatically"

Currently our Management board is the parent board so when a new item is added it copies that item to the other baords for each department as a new client item with it’s own pipline for that department. What would very helpful is that if the Pre Production team created a file and uploaded it that it would just appear as a mirrored iteam on all the other boards instead of having to manually connect them with the item in the board connect dropdown. IF there was a way to have them auto sync the items if they shared the same name that would eliminate one step from the process every time for each client. Since our clients work on a month to month basis revolving we will be creating new items for them every month.

Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing.

Summary: We would like to have the Board Connect dropdown auto connect items if they share the same name so we do not have to do that manually on each board every time we create a new item in each respective board.