Auto Workflow Setup

Here is the newbie of and I am facing the struggling setup in Workflow functions.

Every day, if “Column Date” has passed and only if “Column Status” is “Concept”, set “Column Status” to “Label Pending”

Is there any logically mistake, please?

Hi @Han !

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Just a minor change to your automation. Instead of it being “triggered” every day, use the automation trigger “When date arrives”. This allows you to choose the same date as the milestone date and even before or after the date.

Hope this helps!

Sincerely thanks for the input. The suggested formula ONLY works for the “new added item”. Any old item with old project start date will not apply to the expected following workflow

New Addup Item (Workflow PASS)
Stage 1:
New Column Create as “Project Start Date”

Stage 2:
When an item is created, set “Project Start Date” to today.

Stage 3:
10 days “Project Start Date” arrives and only if “Development Status” is “Concept”, set “Development Status” to “Pending”

Old item with “old project start date” will not change its status automatically.

Hi @Han I am not sure if I understand your use case.

Would you be able to share more about your workflow?

As @ jailynnlucidday recommended: