Autoboost - Puts mirror values in normal columns, can uses formulas in automations, summary of group values

Hey guys, just wanted to make sure you heard about Autoboost :rocket:

Autoboost was initially built to help us internally over here at Boost, as a partner with the more complicated implementations. There were some features we knew we had to have in order for us to create solid workflows. So we built them :muscle:t4:

We have released the mirror columns ~ Autoboost can set the values of mirror columns (including people, timeline, status, and numbers) to regular columns.

Set formula results to regular columns ~ To use automations on formula results.

Autoboost can use the subitem values in items and formulas ~

Autoboost can use the group summary value ~

We have made a cool Doc :page_with_curl:that shows a bit about what this can do, and you can check out our How To Use for more info.

Please feel free to contact for what ever you need at


I am trying to use Autoboost to do the following: When a subitem mirror column (that is, the rollup of a status column in subitems) reaches 100% change the status in another column on the same parent line to “Complete.” I have been trying for a while and cannot figure this out. Thank you.

@Shaul_Klarman, I think this one is for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey there,

As much as i wold like this to be solved via Autoboost, i actually think i have a way to natively solve it within mondy.
see attached pic and let me know if this solves it.

Yes, but what if one status is changed to incomplete, or blocked, or whatever. The below doesn’t help. I need “When ANY subitem has the status of something, changed the items status to something"

@Inbar Ziter
Yeah, Autoboost can do it.

What you wanna do is use the “When Coulmn changes, apply a formula, and set the result to column” recepie.

In the formula use this: IF ([subitem.“column id”] IS “X”, “Completed”, “Not completed”).

Or if it doesn’t work check it out here:

Or talk to me again :slight_smile:

Thank you. I have been to that page several times. Please tell me what is wrong with this syntax:


Is “work_flow” the ID or the name of the subitem column?

That’s the column ID.

It is the subitem column ID. Sorry if this came through twice.

No prob,
We are having a look. Ill update :slight_smile:

Hey man,
Try deleting the space between the IF to the"("
Let me know if this works!

Yes, this worked. Thank you. Is Long Text a supported column? It is not listed as a supposed column although text column is supported…


Currently, long text is not yet supported, but its right around the corner.

Hi, i am currently trying to cast a mirrored column value (coming from a formula) to a number value each time a status changes to sth specific but although the integration activity says that is successfully completed the column value doesn’t get copied…

Hey there -
Please provide more information :slight_smile:
The best thing will be to either make a short video (using loom for example) of the whole flow or come on to a quick zoom call with us.

@Shaul_Klarman I have a much simpler question for the group. I’m just trying to get a mirrored status column to update a status column in another board to match the status in the mirrored column whenever it is updated, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it with the mirrored column “formula”/equation or whatever. Can someone help me out?


Hi! I am using Autoboost where I have a Subitems columns that’s “Files” (ie I’m either linking to a Google doc or uploading a png etc) and want that same file to appear in the Parent column. I upload a file to the Subitem column and the Boost says it’s worked - but it hasn’t. Am I doing something wrong or does the Boost not work on File columns?

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 16.11.52

Hey Dave,
Not sure this can work this way,
how about we hop on a quick call and see what we can do?

i am also trying to use this one but i can’t even select the mirror column. The list to choose from is empty