Autoboost - Puts mirror values in normal columns, can uses formulas in automations, summary of group values

Hey guys, just wanted to make sure you heard about Autoboost :rocket:

Autoboost was initially built to help us internally over here at Boost, as a partner with the more complicated implementations. There were some features we knew we had to have in order for us to create solid workflows. So we built them :muscle:t4:

We have released the mirror columns ~ Autoboost can set the values of mirror columns (including people, timeline, status, and numbers) to regular columns.

Set formula results to regular columns ~ To use automations on formula results.

Autoboost can use the subitem values in items and formulas ~

Autoboost can use the group summary value ~

We have made a cool Doc :page_with_curl:that shows a bit about what this can do, and you can check out our How To Use for more info.

Please feel free to contact for what ever you need at


I am trying to use Autoboost to do the following: When a subitem mirror column (that is, the rollup of a status column in subitems) reaches 100% change the status in another column on the same parent line to β€œComplete.” I have been trying for a while and cannot figure this out. Thank you.

@Shaul_Klarman, I think this one is for you :slightly_smiling_face: