Autofill with date when clicked

I am currently trying to build a new board that will house the training confirmations for our practitioners and track them. Currently I have a board set up the receives the trainings and which type of training they have completed. Is there a way to create a date column that when I click it, it will autofill the date clicked or even connect the date to the item card from another board?

Also if the person has completed more than one training is there a way to connect to that person via automation?

Hi @VDeBarr - most of this sounds possible but I am not clear on all the items you mention. You can set a date to the current date via automation based on almost any trigger (status change, button click, column change, etc). You can also use these same triggers to connect the item to additional boards.

I didnt quite understand this question?


We import from our website the training here on this item card:

As you can see on the training board we have to select training complete but we now have to track by the date because it has to be renewed annually. There are 4 trainings. I would love when the form is received to be able to click complete and the date on the item card to fill in the columns on the left (which will now be housed on another board)