Automate Board/Folder Creation on a Regular Interval

Good morning,

Our company uses our monday subscription as a scheduling tool where each board is a day’s schedule. We keep the schedules (boards) in folders by week and then after 2 weeks we archive the boards to clean things up and allow us to keep all previous schedules (boards) available to search via the archive. Currently we have to create each day’s board from a template (x5; 1 for each weekday) and then create a new folder to house the week’s schedules. It would be immensely helpful if I could automate the process of creating a folder (named in a set way to identify that week) that includes 5 boards from a template, also named in a set way to identify that day. See below for some clarification:

hi @bhowell, Bryan,

I have the same kind of requirement, unfortunately the API (and therefore any type of Integration) does not support folder creation. As for now is solved this by using PHP programming against the API from my WordPress website. This will “combine” 5 boards as one “solution” and allows for creation of a new solution with one click. Drop me a PM if you want to discuss further,