Automate deadlines based other date per item


I’m looking for a way to set up deadlines per item which are all based on one single date (start date of the project).

So, item one would e.g. be due 5 days after the start date, item two would be due 8 days after the start date etc.

is that possible via automations? I can’t seem to find a suitable automation for it.

thanks in advance!

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Hi @Rosina_Ankomah

I have accomplished this for some folks by using the dependency column. and making sure the automation is ‘Adjust Dependent dates by dependent on item’
Then you preset the dates for all your items to be spaced apart from each other (generally I use the timeline column to specify length of time for each task).

Then we templatize the tasks and set them to be dependent on each other based on those preset dates.
Then when you know the project start date, you copy all the items. either by creating a new board from template or by duplicating the items/board. And update the start date. Then all the dependent items will be pushed ‘N’ number of days after the start date.

Hope that helps!

Would you mind showing how you did this?

I believe I have the exact same issue and I would appreciate your insight.