Automate File Copying in File Column When New Item Created

Hi Folks,

I am working to set up our company’s contractor/vendor HR/AP onboarding Board. I have an automation set up that after the new contractor/vendor is created as a new item, an email is entered into the Email column, triggering the delivery of an onboarding email through my Gmail integration. (The integration part works fine. The email sends with my copy, and if I have populated the File cell with the Google Drive Folder link, the file access is included.)

What I need is for that email to include the contents of the File cell, which is a Google Drive File containing all of the pertinent paperwork required for the new contractor/vendor to fill out and return.

Is there a way to have the File cell be auto-populated with the link to the Google Drive File from the previous item’s File cell when a new item is created?

Or is there some other way to get that cell to auto-populate each time a New Item is created on the Board? Perhaps Mirroring from another board that holds a variety of files we need included in automated email deliveries?

Very open to suggestions to solve this issue. ( have attempted to copy/paste the file from the above cell as a manual operation, but there also seems to be no simple way to copy/paste the link from the cell above.)

Thank you!

Hey @SevenRooT,

Thanks for your question!

Can I ask if item default values would work for you here? This way, you can upload either the file or link to the default value so that each time an item is created, the file/link column automatically populate. It is important to note that this will apply for all new items, so the google drive file would need to be relevant for every new time created.

You can reference this article for more info: Item default value

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Hi Bianca,

And thank you for your suggestion!

Yes, the Item Default Value absolutely autofills the new cell with the Onboarding Information we need sent out to our new vendors.

There is still on bothersome aspect with this solution: It will not allow the File Column to be populated with a link to the entire Google Drive Folder containing the documents. Instead, when setting up the Item Default Value, I have to select multiple documents from the Onboarding File, which then populate and show as individual item icons in the File’s Cell. Good enough so far.

However, the generated email from my automation sends out those files as an inelegant paragraph-long set of blue hyperlinks, as well as attaching to the bottom of the email as single preview file icons.

Of note is that the Item Default Value dialogue box offers “From a Link” as an option. When I choose that options, another popup called “Upload File From Link” appears. This has a box to enter the link and another called “Text to Display”. After completing those steps and clicking “Save” on that dialogue box, it disappears without returning me to the previous “Default Values for…” popup, which has its own save button. End result: No files are added as Item Default Values when creating a new item.

So, I like your solution, and it’s fine that the Item Default Value adds each file to the File’s cell as individual items, its just the unfortunate way it appears a s a long, blue hyperlink in the automated email.

Any suggestions/work-arounds for that?

Thanks again!

Some hopefully helpful screen shots:

Hi Seven,

Thanks so much for your detailed reply.

I did want to firstly note expected behavior here before moving forward, just so you’re aware of the current limitations - which I do apologize for in advance!

At this time, it is expected that you’re only able to link / upload specific documents, and not link to an entire google drive folder. You bring up a great point here however, and this is definitely feedback that I will share with our product team. Additionally, in terms of those files sending as a link in the email, I am afraid this is expected, and the format by design. Again - this is certainly a comment I have noted, and will share with our team for review. The alternative to sending these emails, is to utilize the emails and activities app, that allows you to attach the file, or upload it as part of the email.

Regarding the issue you’re experiencing with the item default value dialogue box, this indeed sounds a little strange. Just to clarify, after inserting the file link, and renaming the text (to display), upon selecting save, the data does not save to the item default value, and therefore fails to function expectedly? If this is the case, can you try these steps in an incognito window and let us know if this issue persists? If this same issue occurs, we do recommend reaching out to our support team via, in-case they need to escalate this to our technical specialists!

My best,

Hi again!

Clarifying expected behavior : The expected behavior of the Item Default Value popup is that if choosing From A Link, that link must be from an individual document (or website, etc), but not a link from a whole drive folder?

Because From a Link works to insert the link to the Drive Folder if I use the “+” sign to add to the File column. But perhaps that is the behavior you are calling strange.

Here is a screen recording of my attempt to link an Item Default Value, Chrome Browser, Incognito Window, 2022 Mac Book Pro.

Also, a photo of the version when I connect the files individually to the Item Default Value, and the blue hyperlink is inserted into that outgoing email:

Thank you!

Hi Seven,

Thank you for getting back to me!

Apologies for my miscommunication in my earlier reply. I believe that it is not currently possible to upload a link to an entire drive folder through the files column, using the from a link option in the item default values. That being said, can I instead ask for you to set up a link column, and paste the drive folder into the link column in the item default value? This has worked for me on my end, so I am interested if this could act as a workaround for you.

In regard to the outgoing email, can you please let me know the integration + recipe you’re using? So to clarify, the files are being attached to the email and sending as a link?

I look forward to hearing from you!