Automate mirror of sum checked boxes out of n total items in overview board?

I have a large number of project boards, with a large number of items. Boards are created using a checklist item based on actions in a different board. Checklist items and subitems can be checked off as done (instead of using status dropdowns, since checkboxes save clicks). Is there a way to build an overview board with a two-way connection and an automation that shows an updated view of how many checked boxes there are per board, out of however many total items + subitems they have?

From what I have read in the help center, I would have to manually tick every single item that I want to count in my checkbox mirror column in the overview board. Which would not be feasible, given the large amount of items at hand.

There must be another, easier way to solve this?!

Hey @elhan - there a few ways to accomplish this with less clicks. If all the tasks on the board are related to a single project on the overview, set your connect board column as a default item on the board.

This way any tasks added are automatically attached to the overview. Then, just create a mirror column on your Overview board for the checkbox column. It will show you a summary of X out Y checked.

The other way is to use matching automations so when something changes on the task boards, it will auto-match to a project on the overview.

Finally, if the tasks already exist on the board (pre-filled from a template), just select all the tasks on the board at once and select the corresponding project in the Connect Board column.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the fast response. I can’t seem to find any menus corresponding with your prefill screenshot though. Also do not get any results when searching for ‘match’ in the automation center. I don’t have Pro or Enterprise, maybe that has something to do with it, I don’t know (just started using Monday).

Hi @elhan - Item Default values can be found here:

We recommend nothing less than the Pro plan with monday as anything less is missing some awesome functionality.