Automate / Mirror Status updates and notes across connected boards

Hi there!
I am creating a company wide project board with additional “[Employee Name] Master Tasks List” boards named after each employee.
I have an automation set up so that the tasks assigned to the specific employee also populate in their master task list.

However, I’m having a hard time getting the status to mirror on both sides, as I want it set up to automatically mirror no matter which side is modified.
Additionally, do we have a way to mirror notes and sub-items?

Hey Ivy! Hmm, if you’re having trouble setting up the two-way mirroring, perhaps hopping on a call with one of our customer experience agents would be helpful! That way you can share your screen and they can walk you through it! To request a call, send an email to us at

About mirroring notes, are you looking to mirror what is posted in the Updates Section? If so, this isn’t possible at the moment but you could copy/paste the content of the Updates Section into a Text Column and mirror that!

Yes, you can mirror subitems! Are you looking to mirror them to an item in the same board or to a different board?

@IvyMoore, @CharlotteK,

I should have seen this earlier…

The Update Magic #1 App will copy updates to connected items with this recipe:

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:magic_wand: Update Magic #1 New update enhancement toolbox
:magic_wand: Column Magic :sparkles:– The magical columns toolbox
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